Varicose veins are the result of chronic venous disease and affect millions of people every year. The spectrum of venous disorders range from spider veins and reticular veins to large varicose veins and ulcerations. The result leaving unwanted appearance, discomfort, and chronic pain.


Spider veins and reticular veins are small, tiny, visible veins confined to the skin and dermis. They tend to cause few symptoms, with occasional bleeding and bruising with minor trauma, and are largely just cosmetically displeasing. However, the presence of spider veins may represent more severe underlying venous disease in over 50% of patients. Varicose veins are abnormal veins 3mm or greater in diameter and are located in the subcutaneous tissue. They tend to be elongated , tortuous, dilated, and painful at times, and can develop clots and acute inflammation resulting in severe pain. Varicose veins are found in 10-30% of the population and are the result of blood pooling in the leg due to abnormal valves causing back flow and increased pressure.


Varicose vein disease is diagnosed by physical exam findings and ultrasound. The ultrasound is to rule out deep venous clots, which must be treated with anticoagulation, and to also study venous insufficiency and vein mapping. This helps not only for diagnosis, but to aid in treatment planning.


Initial or conservative management includes elevation, exercise, and compression therapy with compression stockings. When conservative treatment does not work, and there is documented venous insufficiency on ultrasound, then you may be a candidate for more definitive treatment such as RADIO FREQUENCY ABLATION, followed by sclerotherapy. Radio frequency ablation is performed as a painless, in office procedure, where a catheter based therapy is performed through a tiny incision, allowing for a speedy recovery and faster return to work and life.

At Heritage Urgent and Primary Care, and Heritage Med Spa, we offer evaluation and treatment for venous disease and varicose veins. Schedule with one of our providers for a consult and ultrasound, and then further treatment based on results. Dr. George Isaacs, General Surgeon, specializes in Radio Frequency Ablation treatment and venous disease, which is also covered by insurance.

Dr. George Isaacs, Medical
Director of Heritage Med Spa and Owner of Wilson Surgical Associates.