The holiday season has drawn to a close, and you’ve set your New Year’s resolutions. In today’s society, it seems that we’re getting busier and busier by the minute. Could are winding down and potential resolutions are being pondered. Are you ready to put time and attention to your health and wellness?

Wellness visits can go by many names, i.e.check ups, yearly physical, etc.. They are designed to help you check in with your current health status, explore areas of concern related to physical or emotional health, and make a game plan for addressing issues or future preventative care needs.

Your health history is important and very pertinent to personalizing your experience and healthcare recommendations. Questions will be asked in regards to your medical history, lifestyle habits, and your family history. A physical exam is performed and potential lab work and/or diagnostic testing is discussed. You may also need more a focused office visits to address specific concerns.

A few of these specific health concerns that are often addressed at wellness checks include fatigue, weight gain, and seasonal allergies.


When was the last time you woke up feeling rested? Or made it through the day bright eyed and energized?Fatigue can be due to many different causes. Familiar ones include sleep disturbances, poor eating habits, lack of exercise. But what also needs to be considered are undiagnosed issues with thyroid, blood pressure, anemia, or nutritional deficiencies, to name a few. Discussion with a medical provider, physical exam, and sometimes simple lab work can aide in determining a cause.

Weight gain

For many, the new year brings motivation to address those unwanted extra pounds. Healthy eating and exercise are the foundational elements, but sometimes they just aren’t enough. Advances in medications, including lipotropics may be an appropriate option to discuss with your healthcare provider.

The body requires nutrition and vitamins to stimulate the right hormones to function correctly so the body will let go of fat stores it’s holding onto. Lipotropic injections contain several B vitamins which play a role in utilizing fat, distributing energy and removing toxins from the body.

Seasonal allergies

Many of us get a well deserved break from allergies during the winter months and it is not until those first warm weather spring days we remember what’s to come. Uncontrolled seasonal allergies can cause headaches, fatigue, persistent throat clearing or cough. Now can be a great time to consider allergy testing for environmental or food allergens. Knowing your triggers helps you know what to avoid! If avoidance isn’t possible, medications or immunotherapy may be discussed and recommended by a medical provider.

Your primary care provider at Heritage Urgent & Primary Care can be a great asset to help you meet your health and wellness goals. Whether it’s providing reassurance that everything is on the right track, alerting you to medical conditions that need attention or creating with you a treatment plan that may incorporate medications or referrals to specialists.