Dermatology for Clear Skin

No one wants to have acne, however, it impacts about 60 million Americans. Acne can be an uncomfortable, unsightly and painful skin condition which causes blemishes and blackheads to appear on various areas of the skin. Acne often causes people to feel embarrassed or ashamed. This is especially the case for teenagers. Fortunately, there are doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Raleigh Dermatologists have dedicated their entire medical practice to the study of skin. Regardless of your age, a licensed dermatologist can help treat your acne and ensure you are comfortable with the skin you are in.

Acne, which causes various blemishes on the face often appease as a whitehead, blackhead, pimple or deep cysts. Acne often forms because the oil glands in the skin produce an abundance of a substance called sebum which clogs the pores. In some cases, bacteria is the cause of the condition. Acne is quite common in teenagers, however, can be experienced at any age. Blemishes commonly appear on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders, but can appear anywhere on the skin. While acne is not life threatening, it can be upsetting and frustrating to deal with. Without the proper treatment, it is also possible for acne to leave permanent scars behind. Treatment for the condition can include over-the-counter or prescription creams or gels, oral medications, chemical peels, and laser therapy. In some cases, lifestyle adjustments, a balanced diet and over-the-counter products can assist in controlling the condition.

Not all acne or skin is created the same. As a result, not all acne treatments are effective for everyone impacted. An experienced dermatologist is able to examine the skin and determine which type of acne you have. In mild cases, you may be able to manage the acne using a simple over-the-counter treatment. For more severe cases, a prescription or treatment performed in the dermatologist’s office may be required.

Your dermatologist will do more than simply write you a prescription for your acne issues. They will spend time speaking with you about your skin care regimen, lifestyle choices and performing an examination. This will help the dermatologist to make a good decision on which products or treatments will be most effective.

Your dermatologist may recommend an antibiotic, birth control, chemical peels or other treatment options. Rest assured that the doctor has the knowledge and credentials to provide you with safe and effective treatments. They are able to perform treatments such as light therapies and peels which are completed in the office. The dermatologist may also provide you with a cream or prescription which can be used at home.

Your dermatologist is determined to help you achieving clear skin. If a specific method is not working well, your doctor can recommend another treatment option. Regardless if it takes a month or a year to treat your acne, your dermatologist will work with you to ensure your acne is properly treated.

If you are dealing with acne and aren’t happy with your skin, don’t hesitate. Make an appointment with your dermatologist whether you are dealing with cystic acne or hormonal blemishes. Dermatologists are equipped with lasers, chemical peels, and professional skin care products to help ensure that you achieve the clear and glowing skin you desire.

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