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IV Hydration Bar
Wake Forest & Raleigh Locations

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IV Hydration Bar
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Dehydration is incredibly common, especially among many Americans who often do not drink the amount of water recommended by the Institute of Medicine. Chronic dehydration can be caused by a variety of factors, including extensive travel, sports training, illness, alcohol consumption, or a poor diet. IV Therapy delivered at an IV Hydration Bar is a safe and effective method for hydrating your body and replacing electrolytes instantly, resulting in an overall improvement in sense of well-being and cognitive and physical function.

IV Hydration Bar consists of receiving one bag of saline combined with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that is safely delivered into your bloodstream intravenously. Because these fluids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins bypass the GI tract and are delivered directly to your bloodstream, they will be completely absorbed, and you will begin to feel immediate benefits. In addition to feeling the immediate benefits of the IV Hydration, you will continue to feel an overall increase in physical and mental energy for the next 48 hours. IV Hydration can also help reboot and strengthen your immune system, helping ensure that you ward off other illnesses. IV Hydration can also be beneficial for skin radiance and antiaging.

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IV Hydration Packages Available

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Health & Wellness Myer's Cocktail Blend

Reduce cold and flu symptoms, enjoy increased energy, and improve cellular functioning with the proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals


  • B Vitamins
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium Glucosamine
  • Vitamin C

Immunity Blend

Specially formulated with ingredients designed to build up the immune system, this blend will also improve healing time/reduce duration of illness and protect against infection. Fortify your immune system with this targeted blend of immunity boosting vitamins and minerals.


  • Ascorbic acid
  • B-Complex vitamins
  • Zinc Chloride

Radiance Blend

Increase skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and cultivate a natural glow to leave you shining from the inside out. A separate glutathione drip may enhance results.


  • Biotin
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin C
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Recovery Blend

Whether you've suffered an injury or simply completed an intense training session, the blend of vitamins and minerals is sure to reduce recovery time and restore you to the brightest, sharpest, and most energetic self.


  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Amino Acid Blend
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin C

IV Hydration Add-Ons Available

All Nighter

Enjoy relief from hangover symptoms such as headache, fatigue, dehydration, nausea, light/sound sensitivity and dizziness with this prescription-strength combination of antimetic and antiflammatory medications


  • Toradol
  • Zofran


This powerful antioxidant can be used to increase immunity and may enhance the results of our Radiance Blend


Help protect cells from damage and oxidative stress with this antioxidant booster. Can be particularly helpful for those who suffer from autoimmune thyroiditis or an otherwise underactive thyroid.

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the highest quality, cost effective and time efficient care possible

Putting CARE Back in Healthcare

At Heritage Urgent & Primary Care, we proudly offer client centered, efficient, value-based, high-quality healthcare in a comfortable environment. Our highly trained and professional staff are committed to providing you with care as quickly as possible, while still taking the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and explain what treatment options are recommended for your particular case. To learn more about IV Hydration Bars, or to schedule an appointment, please refer to the following.

client centered healthcare in a comfortable environment

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

Certain populations, including the elderly, individuals with decreased cognition, children under the age of five, and individuals who have a lack of access to water, are at greater risk of dehydration.

Common signs and symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Lightheadedness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Muscle cramping
  • Purple fingernails
  • Confusion
  • Seizures

If you are suffering from dehydration, contact our office today to schedule an appointment at our IV Hydration Bar.

client centered healthcare in a comfortable environment

Frequently Asked Questions IV Hydration

How long does treatment take?

Most appointments can be completed in under one hour

Is IV Hydration safe?

Yes. All treatments are administered by experienced professionals and ingredients are provided by accredited suppliers and pharmacies.

Does IV Hydration hurt?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but discomfort is minimal. If necessary or desired, we will use a numbing spray on the site to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Are there any negative side effects?

There are very few negative side effects following IV therapy, but potential soreness and bruising are possible, as is risk of allergic reaction or infection.

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We offer a range of services, including management of chronic disease, ongoing illness follow-up care, and if necessary, referral coordination to high value specialists. Our clinic offers same day primary care appointments and immediate walk-in availability and can provide you and your family with a range of health services, including urgent, acute, immediate, and walk in health care needs. We also provide services during early morning hours and after hours and during the weekend. To ensure you receive high quality care, our office utilizes state of the art facilities and equipment, including a large procedural room for performing procedures such as orthopedic splinting and/or wound repairs. Our clinic can also take on-site digital x-rays and work with local imaging centers to perform a wide array of diagnostic exams, including CT scans and/or ultrasound. We also perform a broad range of laboratory services for onsite and send out labs, and can perform gynecologic testing and exams, pregnancy tests, urinalysis, vaccines, rapid flu tests, and strep tests.

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the highest quality, cost effective and time efficient care possible

Cost of Care Transparency
at Heritage Urgent & Primary Care

A visit to the hospital to receive IV hydration treatment can cost a substantial amount of money and take much longer for you to receive the care you need. At Heritage Urgent & Primary Care, our board-certified providers can provide you with high-quality care in a timely and cost-effective manner. If you require health services and are concerned about the cost involved, please refer to the following overview of our clinic’s policies. If you have any additional questions concerning billing, insurance, and/or payment options, please contact our staff.

Understand Insurance and Medicare Medicaid

All visits are billed under Primary Care and Primary Care Copay. We accept Medicare and are In Network with most major insurance providers and are happy to provide you with a list of accepted providers to ensure you are covered. If co-payments are required by your insurance plan, this will need to be paid prior to your appointment before check in. If you are not able to pay your co-payment, it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment. It is also important to be aware that not all services are covered through insurance plans. If your insurance company determines that a service is not covered, it will be your responsibility to pay the remaining balance.

Out-of-Network and
Self-pay Accounts

If you are not covered by insurance, or if your provider is out of network, you will be responsible for the entire charge of the appointment. If you are not able to pay the full balance of your bill, please contact our billing office at 866-557-2612. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the care you need and will do our best to help set up a payment plan to cover the costs of your care.

Further Payment and
Insurance Information

You will need to provide your current insurance information and bring your insurance card with you to your first visit. We also ask that you bring your card to subsequent visits so we can update your records as needed. Our staff will also help ensure that you maximize your insurance benefits and will file your claims and provide any necessary information to your insurance company.

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At Heritage Urgent & Primary Care, your health and quality of life are important to us, and we are committed to providing you with the care you need. To ensure you receive necessary care, we offer weekend, extended, and walk in flexibility, as well as 24-hour phone coverage for established Primary Care patients. Every effort will be made to attend to walk-in Urgent Care patients within 24 hours.

If you would like to learn more about our clinic, schedule an appointment, or if you require emergency care, please refer to our office and contact information provided below. We do encourage patients to schedule appointments ahead of time if possible, and for walk-in patients to call in advance if possible.