Is Minute Clinic the Same As Urgent Care?

Patients have more options than ever before regarding where they can receive medical care. In the past, people had to wait for an appointment with their primary care physician or visit the emergency room, if the issue was urgent.

A Minute Clinic is a retail clinic that provides specific medical services through CVS Health. You can usually find these types of clinics near the pharmacy area of a CVS store. These clinics are a convenient option for patients who have a minor illness or injury. Some clinics also offer preventative measures such as vaccinations or health screenings.

Benefits of Minute Clinics

Minute Clinics can offer many different benefits to the customer. They have flexible hours, which allows people to visit them when it is convenient and fits their schedule. The clincs are also are open seven days a week and 365 days a year. For people who have commitments Monday through Friday, or who simply have limited free time, this convenience is extremely valuable.

These clinics are also sometimes referred to as “walk-in” clinics as you can simply walk in and to not need an appointment. Wait times are often around 15 to 20 minutes, making them shorter than a visit to the doctor’s office or emergency room.

You will likely be treated by physicians’ assistant or a nurse practitioner at a Minute Clinic. They are able to order tests and prescribe medications.

In regards to the cost, Minute Clinics are far more affordable than an emergency room visit. They are often more affordable then even a visit to your regular doctor. Doctors often charge an office visit fee which can range from $100 to $300. To determine the pricing for a Minute Clinic, you can call or visit the website. Prices will also be posted at each clinic.

This transparent pricing removes the surprise factor when you receive the bill. To have a complete understanding of your expected out-of-pocket costs, contact your insurance provider to determine what is covered by your plan.

While these clinics are extremely convenient, they focus on treating a specific list of minor illnesses. Patients should not visit a Minute Clinic for a laceration, broken bone or serious issue.

While nurse practitioners and physician assistants are well-trained and qualified medical professionals, some issues require the attention of a physician.

The clinics also have limited equipment available. For example, there do not have X-ray machines, lab testing or CT scans available.

Minute Clinics and Urgent Care

Minute Clinics differ from an urgent care raleigh nc clinic as they are more limited on the services they can provide. Urgent care clinics can provide more treatment and care for more serious illnesses and conditions.

While urgent care clinics are able to treat the same minor illnesses as Minute Clinics, including colds, flus, strep throat and sinus infections; they can also treat more acute illnesses and injuries like broken bones and cuts.

In addition, urgent care clinics have at least one board-certified physician on staff in addition to the nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Urgent care clinics differ in the service that is offered by Minute Clinics, however, they offer some of the same benefits. Urgent care clinics also do not require an appointment, typically have lower wait times, and are much more affordable than a trip to the emergency room.

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