Are IV Hydration Therapies Worth it

If you are dehydrated, an IV is the quickest and most responsible way to get your body and mind back in the game. Does that make it worth it to spend money on a IV Vitamin/Hydration therapy session? It depends, there are several factors t consider.

* Why are you dehydrated?
* What are your symptoms?
* How long do you want to feel this way?

Why are you Dehydrated?

Dehydration causes lots of pain and symptoms that are difficult to manage. The reason behind dehydration can be simple, like you did not drink any water. It can also be complex; you have been drinking water but you keep throwing up, or you are having trouble swallowing, or you were stuck in the sun all day. The cause of dehydration can help decide the best way to rehydrate.

What are your symptoms?

Hydration can help you avoid the symptoms of dehydration which include
1. Dizziness, double vision, or trouble focusing
2. Dry Skin, Mouth
3. Trouble Swallowing
4. Nausea or Vomiting
5. Anxiety, Chills, depression
6. Aches, pains, and headaches
7. Trouble Moving

Some more severe symptoms include

* Severe Fatigue
* Hallucinations
* Problems Breathing, or elevated heart rate

How long have you felt this way? How long are you willing to endure?

If you wake up and your mouth is dry, you drink water. The water coats the tissue of your mouth and throat and you feel a little better. However, the water you consumed may still take an hour or so to reach the extremities of your skin, for instance. The headaches and dizziness persist, and you may feel nauseous, which makes it hard to drink water and keep it down.

The benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

1. The Cause of Dehydration- A medical professional can deduce what is causing your dehydration, and what nutrients you require to fix the issue. They will mix the ideal solution for your body’s needs and administer it to the site, using a needle. The machine that pumps the IV in will calibrate to the perfect delivery rate, and you can sit and relax for about 30 minutes as it does all the work.

2. Your Symptoms- The person administering your IV is aware of what caused the dehydration, the symptoms you are experiencing, and what needs to be done. Whether you are feeling nauseous, experiencing pain, dry skin, headaches, or depression, the IV Hydration therapy should do all the work you need.

3. How long- The best part, almost instantly. Your body goes from being deprived of nutrients and water to being flushed, directly hooked up with an abundant resource it desperately needs. An IV Solution is like a Stimulus check for your body; right when you needed something extra, it was there. Within a 30-45 minute treatment you should feel back to your old self. It is so much easier than having to deal with a cold or hangover for 3-4 hours just to get a little relief.

Is it worth it?

It depends on you, and your symptoms. If you are experiencing real pain and discomfort caused by dehydration, the price of relief is irrelevant.

What does IV Hydration Do