How Fast Does IV Hydration Work

IV Hydration is almost instantaneous. When patients arrive to the hospital or operating room, one of the first things the medical professionals will do is administer an IV. Intravenous (IV) hydration works through the ultra fast delivery network of your body, your veins and blood stream. When you drink water it has to go through your throat, stomach, kidneys, and intestines as it is worked to where it needs to go. With IV Hydration the water and nutrients are instantly commuting to where your body needs them to be. Water is never late to work with IV Hydration.

Why IV Hydration is faster than drinking water

When you drink water, you are hydrating at a slow and effective rate. You should still drink water, it is important. However, you are firstly hydrating the tissues of your mouth. The water you introduce into your body is like your paycheck; it is paying a little bit to everywhere it goes on the way to your whole body. The tissues in your mouth take a little, so do the tissues in your throat, you lose some to stomach acids, your kidneys use some to process salts and sugars and waste. It can take considerable time for the water to be processed and delivered throughout the body, and when it is its’ just water. Minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients need to be supplied separately through food and dietary supplements.

What if you are nauseous?

What if you cannot swallow fluids or feel like throwing up? It can be impossible to make up the hydration debt if you vomit or cannot get enough water in your body. IV Hydration can bypass this problem altogether, by providing healthy hydration immediately to your bloodstream.

What is in IV Hydration?

Water, but so much more. You can have an IV solution that includes a saline solution, vitamins, medicine, nutrients, electrolytes, or desperately needed minerals. Since the IV has to be administered by a healthcare professional, they will be able to calculate the appropriate cocktail to ease your suffering.

How is an IV Hydration Therapy Administered?

IV Hydration begins with a nurse or medical professional. They can assess your body and symptoms and prepare the appropriate IV Solution. They will use a band tourniquet to increase blood flow to the administration site. Then a needle will be inserted into a vein, typically in the upper forearm area. A tube is attached that connects to the solution. The solution is administered at a precise rate through use of a machine that pumps the fluid in.

How fast do the effects of IV Hydration work?

Almost instantly. Within the 30 minutes your session takes you should be feeling right as rain again, and ready to live life to the fullest. There is no need to live lethargically or sluggish after a cold or a night of drinking. The effects of IV Hydration are great for your skin and whole body also. Consider consulting with your local IV Hydration office today.

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